All you need to know about ICAZ

ICAZ is engaged in prompting the public interest through public-policy engagement, legislative and regulatory advice.



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From C4 Impact of ICAZ in business The CA(Z) and AA(Z) members hold influential positions in Zimbabwe and internationally. The Institute (through its initiatives or its members) has impacted business in Zimbabwe in various ways with key being the following: •provides quality services in accountancy, finance and related financial management fields. members hold the influential positions such as chief finance officers, finance directors, finance managers and financial advisors. • Develops and promotes the assurance services in the country through its member firms, most of whom are part of global networks and associations. • provides business leadership and strategic management. CA(Z) members occupy most of the senior positions on the companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, such as board chairpersons, chief executive officers, managing directors and audit committee chairpersons. • Develops and enhances risk management and internal control environments to international standards. most boards and accounting and audit committees of companies are chaired by CA(Z) members. A number of ICAZ members also serve in internal audit functions. • Influence and contribute to local and international and economic associations for the benefit of the accounting profession and Zimbabwean economy. most CA(Z) sit on sectoral economic associations in Zimbabwe. members participate on international associations such as IFAC, pAFA, CAW, Africa Integrated Reporting Council, Accounting Standard Setting Committees as well as pAAB Board and Committees. • • Input into economic research papers, policy input and technical support to government ministries. • • Enhancing public accounting and financial management through the IpSAS course offering, public Sector professionalisation project and the annual public Sector Convention. A number of ICAZ members serve on public Sector Boards and Associations. • promotion of equal opportunities and diversity in the profession through Vimbiso Scholarship Trust Fund, Women Chartered Accountants Network (WeCAN) initiative, students support initiative (CASS) and career guidance initiatives. • Technically serving business through ICAZ technical help desk, review of listed entities financials, CpD seminars and technical course offerings. • Facilitating local capacity in the education programs, i.e. accredited local universities and education providers to offer ICAZ education programs. • promotion of good governance practices through input and promotion of the Zimbabwe Corporate Governance Code, anti-corruption initiatives as well as ethical and fair business practices codes for members.*